Pot Pie

I made my very own recipe for pot pie! Which wasn’t difficult at all. Maybe one of the easiest things to make ever. But I’m really excited about it!

The other night I baked a chicken but we ended up not eating it because Blake got off work late. Oddly enough we had KFC.
Then Blake got really excited about me making pot pie. So I looked up recipes but nothing really stood out so I just made my own. Although, I did decide to use a store bought refrigerate pie crust because I was pressed for time.

So I sauteed some onion in olive old until the were translucent. Then I added diced baby carrots, red potatoes, and one ear of each yellow corn and white corn….almost forgot…and a couple cups of cubed roasted chicken breast. Let those cook for a few minutes, then I added some fat free chicken broth, which kind of was a pain. Because then I scooped out all the mix with a slotted spoon to leave the broth so I could make a thicker sauce. The sauce was just the broth, seasoned really well because I forgot to season the vegetables. Then I thickened it with flour and cornstarch.

I do have some minor changes for next time, I think no broth…I’ll just make a gravy because it was little runny. I also burned the edge of the crust a little, so fix that too.