Motivation Plan

I seriously need to up my workouts! Well I just need to workout. PERIOD.

So I’ve devised a plan to help motivate me. The goal is work out everyday Monday – Friday. Then I get a REWARD!!

I found this work out plan on Pinterest.
It has different workouts for each day and incorporates cardio everyday too. Then on Friday’s you pick your “trouble zone” and do the corresponding day. It’s a pretty well rounded workout plan and I figure for my cardio I will briskly walk the dog! Kia loves walks.

As for my rewards… I haven’t picked them all yet! For sure getting jeans this Friday! I love these ones from Maurices.  (the only store in town)

As for next Friday….I think a manicure is in order!
The only rule is NO FOOD! I saw this sign on Pinterest and thought it was hilarious! and true!