A Successful Healthy Day

Today I did a great job at being healthy. I kept track of all the calories I ate and worked out!

I ate little more calories than my plan allows, but that because the myfitnesspal app tricked me!
It shows a net total for the day which subtracts any calories burned from the calories you ate…but I didn’t realize this so I had some dessert. Too bad. Total today I ate 1763 calories. According to my BodyBugg I’ve burned 2639 calories so far today! So I’m ok with a little bit of a smaller deficit than planned.

Now I know where to change things up tomorrow. I’m planning on having a Spinach Banana Yogurt smoothie for breakfast and no coffee. So that will help. And  a smaller lunch. Tomorrow is a late day, I won’t get to eat dinner until 8:30 so I’m gonna have to carefully plan my meals  or up my calorie burn so I can eat some more. I find I need to eat more on days that I work so late, I’m not sure if that just in my head or an actual thing.

A nice motivational sign I found on Pinterest! Good motto for tomorrow!


Source: weheartit.com via Erin on Pinterest