My Space

No. Not the website…I now I have my own space in our house!

I finally got a round to finishing and organizing out spare room to be a space just for me and all my hobbies. For the last few week I have taken over the kitchen table, which is really a pain. First of all, the kitchen table is round, which is not the most efficient for things I’ve been working on, like sewing and other crafts. And since its always covered in my crap, we can never eat there.

So now I have a desk! The room itself is just temporarily put together because my wonderful mommy is building me some custom cube like shelves to go in here which will hold all my things. For right now I’ve put everything on some plastic shelves that my mom let me borrow. My amazing mom also gave me a new printer because my old one kind of went kaput. Now I can print more coupons! I’m really excited to get started on my all my projects now….which is quite a few.

Time to get started!