Maybe Baby Someday…

Blake and I have been talking about having a baby one day….sooner rather than later.

When we first got married we said 3-5 years. But lately we have been talking about having a baby in the near future. I’ve even stopped taking birth control, although we are currently using other methods. Right now Blake is more on the wait a little longer side of the fence while I’m totally gung ho!

Well my friend gave me the “What To Expect Before You’re Expecting” book and it totally has tons of great information. I’m seriously learning more than I ever expected and I’m so happy to be learning all this info before hand.

One of the very first chapters is about eating and weight and the ways it can affect the baby. Although the eating information isn’t new to me, it really has got me thinking. I really think I could use “the baby” as a way to motivate me. The only thing I want in this world is to have a healthy baby some day. Its important to be closer to healthy weight for the baby’s well-being.

I’m already on the on a good path. I’ve been cutting out caffeine, I’ve only had decaf coffee and no sodas in the last 3 days. I’ve also cut out added sugar in my lattes as well, and thats been going on for the last two weeks! But I also have a few changes to make. I have been skipping breakfast. I was also sort of trying to avoid carbs, but I need to change my focus to whole wheats instead of avoiding carbs as a whole.

I need to take small steps and good things will happen.

I can do it! For me and the baby one day….


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