Pre-28 Day Yoga Bootcamp

We have DirecTV, which comes with OnDemand…which includes ExerciseTV!

They have a new program on there called Yoga Bootcamp. I’m totally in love with  it and starting the plan tomorrow! I looked up the plan on the ExerciseTV website. It comes complete with 4 videos/DVD, a schedule, and a clean eating plan.

This is the link I clicked! Who doesn’t want a yoga body?

 Check out the Schedule and Clean Eating Guide.

I really love yoga. I’ve found that I have very little motivation when it comes to cardio lately. I barely feel like walking my dog. I think part of that is because I tend to be more of evening person. I feel more energetic at night and have way more motivation. I would rather workout in the evening but I work early almost everyday of the week which means I go to bed fairly early.  I also work until 6 pm almost every night sometimes until 8 pm. So that eliminates my opportunities to get my workout on. And hello, it gets dark at like 4:30!  However, I have a few hours in late morning that I can use to workout.  The videos in this Yoga Bootcamp are only 40 minutes so even if I have errands to run, I should be able to squeeze them in everyday.

Here’s what week one looks like:

 Now about the Clean-Eating Plan. This plan starts with a week-long organic raw food cleanse. I don’t necessarily believe in cleanses….especially those ones where all you have is lemon and cayenne pepper water. No thanks! I could not and will not try to survive a week or even three days of that with out literally biting someone’s head off…or arm. But that doesn’t mean I’m going to eat junk food while I’m getting my yoga body. I also live in a very small town with no access to the farmer’s market for organic foods. We even have a very limited amount of organics in the grocery store and they are priced sky-high! So I’m just going to tighten up my on the rules set by the idea that someday soon I will be making a baby. (You can read about that here, although I wasn’t very specific about what exactly I was going to be eating.) Do I think eating a mostly raw unprocessed diet is heathy, absolutely. Organic? Not as important….mostly because it’s so expensive.

My own eating rules…

For the Cleanse:
(sweetened with raw sugar… I don’t like honey)


So that eliminates skinny cow ice cream every night, daily lattes, all refined grains, and plenty of other stuff that I cannot currently think of off the top of my head. The hardest part will be the coffee. I know it’s not too specific in the dinner area but I usually try to make a balanced dinner, meat, veggies, and grain. I just adjust it based on what we have already and whats on sale during the week.

A sample day would look something like this…

Breakfast: Whole grain cereal w/ milkSliced apple
Snack: Handful of almondsBaby carrots 
Lunch: Big salad w/lettuce, tomato, cucumber, avocado, sprout, plain sunflowers seed. Little bit of oil & vinegar for dressingHandful of grapes *will vary depending on sales.
Dinner: Taco flavored chicken breastpinto beansgreen beans whole grain tortilla
Snack/Dessert: Greek yogurtblueberries

After the cleanse portion, I will stick to the same guidelines but allow myself a treat here and there. Perhaps a latte one day or one those delicious skinny cow ice cream sandwich. Maybe change-up my lunch, add some soup or half a whole wheat sandwich. I know myself and my eating habits and I know that when I try to be super strict all the time for long periods of time I end up binge eating. So its baby steps!

I’m really excited and totally up for the challenge!

I would n’t mind being able to do that….or look like that!

Source: via Rebecca on Pinterest

So I will start tomorrow with Day 1, even though its not the beginning of the week. As long as I mark the dates on the schedule I should have no problem keeping track of which day is which.



4 thoughts on “Pre-28 Day Yoga Bootcamp

  1. Katie

    That glass of water in the morning is a hard one. I’ve been trying to do that also, but I feel like my stomach says, “hey! This isn’t food.” You should try to take your vitamins at the same time. I’ve been doing really well at taking vitamins everyday, and I can absolutely tell a difference. You want to get into the habit now so that its second nature when you’re a baby making machine. :)

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