Positive Thoughts

I’ve been seeing a lot of articles about the power of positive thinking. I can’t remember which magazine it was but last week I saw an article how women who think they can lose weight do lose weight!

I’m doing my best to believe in myself and I think it’s seriously working. I’ve been telling myself that I can lose weight. I can beat food cravings. I can resist temptation. Today while I was at work I was dying for a latte but I didn’t want to waste the calories on one, so every time I thought about having a latte, I would write “You Can Do It!” I think I wrote it about 6 or 7 times. Kind of lame but it really worked. I’m all for lame methods as long as they work!

This week so far I’ve lost 1.2 pounds! Which is awesome! I’ve done really good at counting calories and staying under my calorie limit. All it will take is more weeks like this and I’ll be where I want to be.


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