Half-way Through Week 2

Today was a yoga day….but I had to rearrange the schedule. When I went to start the video for today, it wasn’t in my lineup! No big deal. Must have deleted it. So went to the exercise tv on demand channel to re-download it…but it wouldn’t work!!! There must have been some kind of glitch going on with our internet because the receiver said it wasn’t connected even though I could clearly see it was connected. So I just did the next video in the series. I figure its probably not that big of deal to do them out of order.

Today’s DVD was the Twisting Detox, the one I ended up sitting on the floor crying part way through…remember? I made it all the way through! I still can’t do the move that caused my breakdown but thats ok. One day I will be able to do and that’s what matters. I’m working towards it. This is the hardest DVD out of all them in my opinion, although I do have to say they are all pretty challenging. This video has lots of twisting moves…hence the name….which a pretty difficult. Its awful hard to twist and bend when my fat gets in the way.

But the good news is….all that fat is disappearing…down another pound today! I’ve stuck to my calorie limit today. I’m really proud of how the last few days have gone. I’m just taking it one day at time and its working. BABY STEPS!