Calories Burned:


Today was a very busy day! I spend the whole day cleaning my house and rearranging our living room so that a Christmas tree will fit! We also got a brand new couch, love seat, and rug last week so things needed to be changed around. I seriously love our new couch! Its black “leather” and really comfy. It looks very classy.  Our old couch was a giant old ugly broken sectional. It took up was too much space. The new one is very streamline and beautiful!

Needless to say I spent most of the day mopping and moving furniture. I’m very pleased with the results. Not only does my house look great, I burned a lot of calories!

This morning when I weighed in I was at 212.8! Down 2.2 pounds. A little less than 6 weeks to go  until “one”derland! I can’t wait!