Thanksgiving Jitters

In just a few hours I will be headed to Blake’s grandma’s house for Bless the Bird. Where we will spend several hours preparing food to be cooked tomorrow for Thanksgiving. This is my first Thanksgiving with his family and I’m really excited to spend these two days with them. I doubt it will be beneficial for healthy eating.

I’ve already decided not to let tomorrow be a free for all day. I have only 6 weeks to get to my “ONE”derland goal so every day matters.  I’ve looked up calories in a typical Thanksgiving dinner so I some idea of what to expect. Here’s the plan:

  • Have a healthy breakfast
  • Stick to water
  • Fill plate with veggie dishes
  • White meat with no skin
  • Just enough to have a taste of the less healthy dishes
Its going to be tough but if I can handle this, then I figure I can handle anything. Just one more step in the process!

Its hard enough to avoid over eating on Thanksgiving…to add another meal on top of that…uggg. Grandma is making prime rib for dinner tonight which includes all the fixings and more. Man oh man. So I guess two steps in to the process! I can do it!


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