What I Weighed Today


Not bad, I’ll take it. I’ve been having crazy weird numbers on the scale. I think it has a lot to do with my body going through a weird phase right now from my decision to stop taking birth control. Sorry if I’ve shared too much there.

This week will be fantastic, I can already tell. The college is closed so for the whole month of December I will be working only 2 jobs. Which means a little less bouncing from place to place and more time for working out. Also when I eat dinner there I usually end up eating a pudding parfait…. Not In the least bit healthy. I think they come in around 350-450 calories. Yikes! They don’t have nutrition label on them so that my best estimate, and I could be way off.

So here are some things I can do to ensure I have a fantastic week of weight loss….

• drink a lot more and a lot less diet soda
• don’t eat after 8 pm
• keep track of food every day!!
• take Kia for a walk every day
• eat more fruits and veggies! Really slacked on this one
• start new exercise plan with high calorie burn on Thursday!

Yep. It’s going to be great week of weight loss for me!

A Starbucks ad I though was really beautiful