Yoga Bootcamp Results

Four weeks of yoga bootcamp are finished! I’m proud of myself for making it to the end. I’m also kind of proud of the spots that are starting to wear out on my yoga mat!

At the very beginning I took my measurements but the thing is…measurements are tricky. How the heck are you supposed to measure the exact same spot week after week? I mean if you are off just half an inch on thigh you can change your results by a lot. Week to week there isnt a huge difference but from the start date to today there are a few noticeable changes in my numbers.

Inches Lost Around The
Belly button: 1.5
Hips: 1
Bust: No difference
Left Arm: 1
Left Thigh: 1

TOTAL:4.5 inches lost and 5 lbs gone

And physically I am stronger and way more flexible. I’m totally impressed.

I think thats pretty good.  I also think it could be a lot better. I seriously enjoyed doing this program. In fact one day this week Blake and I got into a fight right before I was about to start my yoga. After doing yoga I really felt a lot better, at the start of every session they tell you to dedicate your practice to something. I usually dedicate it to myself and helping me lose weight, but after the argument I dedicated it to my temper and it really helped. I was impressed.

I’m still searching for a new workout plan to start tomorrow. I need to get out of my rut.


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