Tools For Success

I seriously have all the tools I need for weight loss.

I have a BodyBugg, I have a stack of exercise DVDs. I have hand weights, a kettle bell, and stretchy bands. I have a yoga mat and yoga blocks. I have a Kinect for the xbox with fitness games. I have a treadmill. I have a brand new scale. I have a food scale. I have shorts, tanks, pants, and sports bras. I have fitness magazines galore. A dog that would love to run with me.

There’s one thing I’m missing.


My husband thinks I’m beautiful so I shouldn’t want to lose weight. My mother thinks I should be happy with who I am on the inside. My only friend that lives near by is thin.

I’m missing my life partner! In a very straight way. Now don’t get me wrong! She is very VERY very supportive from afar. Its just not the same. I need her right next to me bitching about eating salad day after day. I need her to complain about how many eggs we’ve eaten in the last week. I need to hear her gripe about shin splints all day long! I know she feels the same

Just gotta wait 6-9 months. :)


One thought on “Tools For Success

  1. Kate

    And just when I thought it wasn’t possible to love you more!!!!! This brought tears to my eyes it made me so happy. Lol Soon dude, soon! :)

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