I Want To Be Thin: Reason #2

There are so many things I want to try, but right now I feel like I’m too big to even attempt them. For the most part I’d say I just lack the confidence it takes to do most of these things. I mean….if you have no confidence in yourself how will ever be able to climb a mountain. And there are some weight limits to some of these activities. Here’s a list of things I’m dying to try:

Bungee Jumping


Rock Climbing

I’m very adventurous, even though I could be doing some of these things right now I know that I’d be very self conscious about my body and weight the whole time if I tried these activities now. Also my husband who is a little overweight as well wouldn’t want to do these things with me and even though he won’t admit it, I think losing a few pounds would be good for him too. Luckily, I’ve convinced him to do a biggest loser competition with me and he’s doing really great! Way better than me in fact! He’s even been counting his calories! I’m so proud of him!

I think it would be a really good idea for me to make a bucket list!


3 thoughts on “I Want To Be Thin: Reason #2

  1. loveamylee

    So you have some goals to reach. That’s awesome that you are recognizing what a healthy lifestyle can bring to your life. Adrenaline, excitement, and loads of energy. Here are some tips that help me stay healthy and active: I cut out fast food, it was cheap & convenient in college, but no matter how many healthy options they provide, there will always be the temptation to go for the “good stuff”, it’s been 4 years since I’ve stepped foot in one. Another thing, buy fresh produce, non of that canned stuff, it contains salt, which is another thing you can try to cut from your diet. Just keep it simple, and exercise. Grab some fitness dvds, and keep moving. Walking burns more fat than running, lifting weights does too. I trained for a half marathon by doing interval running. I would walk a mile, then run a mile. The right shoes make all the difference too. Anyway, I could go on forever with tips. This is just a start. If you want to live life more on the edge, it’s an entire lifestyle change, but it’s not as hard as it may look. Everyone starts somewhere. Good luck chica!!

  2. loveamylee

    Oh and I just read the rest of your blog. Keep up with the 5k’s, maybe try an 8k next and keep moving forward. I’m not sure how far you live from the water, but Stand-Up Paddle boarding is great for balance and core work. Also, saw your pics, just get back on the path you were on before and reward yourself by going skydiving! Yes, you can do it!!

    1. mrsalexzan Post author

      Thanks for the encouragement! Those are some really great tips! Stand Up paddle boarding sounds awesome, my husband and I almost tried it this summer but chickened out, next time we get the opportunity I’ll be sure to jump on it!

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