The Things I Ate Today

I have no idea what kind of eating plan I should be on…all I know is I need something that works! I’ve been thinking about doing south beach again because it worked for me in the past. I’ve also thought about doing the caveman/paleo style diet that is very popular right now because I know someone else who is on that plan and its working for her. So the real question is fruit vs. dairy! But thats a debate for a later time. For now, here’s what I ate toady….

Two eggs with spinach and grape tomatoes, and a little bit of cheese, and some left over ham. I ate this around 10:30, then had dinner around 6…..not good! I did have a tiny glass of some blended sugar free coffee thing I was trying to make but it was only 3 ounces.

Grilled chicken bacon and ranch salad from McD’s. Clearly not the best option in the world but not bad. My hubs had pizza and I didn’t have any…I’m very proud of that!

I did however have a couple of wings…. they were delicious and totally worth it. I love wings but never eat them so it was a nice treat. I actually ended up eating a few more…so I had a total of 6 maybe 7.

No sugar added vanilla milkshake I made with my fancy new ninja blender! It was delicious. But afterward I felt sick, and actually still feel sick. This happened last night too…..I wonder what could be causing it.

Overall, not a bad day. I need to eat more often thats for sure. By the time I ate dinner I was starving, I had planned on eating lunch but my poor time management got in the way. We’ll see what tomorrow has in store for me.