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I just had a great idea! I don’t know if you’ve seen the link at the bottom of  your dashboard that says something like Kick Off 2012 with Project 365. (Which always makes me snicker because this a leap year….so it would really be Project 366! ha!) I read that post and was totally intrigued, I’ve seen a few people do a picture every day for a year and thats about it. I really liked the idea of doing something totally unique but committing to doing it every single day for a year seems very overwhelming. I’d feel terrible guilty if I missed day and with a schedule like mine….there’s really no telling what could happen in the next year.

Then I figured it out…Why not a 52 Project? That’s still a huge commitment!  It sounds like a fun idea but a little less intimidating then doing something for 366 days! The best part is that 2012 starts on the first day of week, in my mind that makes me things a lot easier!

I could easily come up with a mountain of ideas that would be more creative than taking a picture everyday. When I really get thinking about what I want to accomplish in 2012 it boils down to one things and one thing only. LESS STRESS! Stressors come in many many forms, so still the possibilities are endless, but I also want to have fun will doing this project.


Every week this year I will do one crafty project that will make my life easier in some way or it will be useful! There are something that I’ve been wanting to do but haven’t got around to yet and all them are something I can use. For example, there is a wallet I’ve been wanting to make, I want to turn an old table into a bench, I could really use one of these purse organizers…the list goes on!

I plan I posting my weekly project every Saturday, since the very first week of the year ends on Saturday! The hardest part will be picking what to make first!


Some other cute 52 Project ideas:

-52 New Recipes. This could be really cool if it was themed like cookies, casserole, or a veggie dish.
– 52 Uses for…. you name it! Apples, socks, newspaper…this would take some serious creativity but would so much fun
– 52 Chores for a Spotless House. A new task that needs to be done to help deep clean…organize the closet, wash the ceiling fan,  (I plan on doing something like this but not for the blog)
-52 Exercises for Flat Abs. Could be any body part really.
-52 Books Reviews!
-52 Pizza Combinations
-52 New Activities. Try a new physical activity each week!

There are TONS of ideas! I’m looking forward to doing this project! If other bloggers are doing them too we could set up one of those link parties!



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