Weekend Getaway

This weekend we decided last minute to head to Spokane for the weekend to do some shopping and snowboarding. It ended up being a seriously fun weekend. We got to the La Quinta Inn curtesy of Hotwire late Friday night. We got a pretty good deal and it had a indoor pool and hot tub!

 Saturday we spent the morning shopping at the mall, I got a new smaller jeans! Then we had a late lunch at Wingers Brother Restaurant & Brewhouse. Yum! We both had the Original Famous Wings but I traded my fries for baked beans.

After that we went  back to the hotel to use the pool and hot tub. The pool…was NOT heated….so we mostly used the  hot tub. Later for for dinner we headed to Red Robin! One of our favorite places.

First time I really cheated on my low carb diet….But I figured it was New Years Eve and I went bunless, so it could have been much worse! I can’t lie, it was delicious. For dessert we had FroYo! Another favorite!

Mine’s on the left. No Sugar Added Strawberry topped with almonds, strawberries and cherries. Since we didn’t want to be hungover for snowboarding the next day we stayed in and had some bubbly to bring in 2012!

The fruit makes it taste way better. There isn’t anything better than hanging out on a comfy bed with my love!

We also picked up some healthy (carb free for me) snacks for our day on the mountain.

Those granola bars were so good! Most of them had no carbs! Just nuts, seeds, and fruit! We headed out to Mount Spokane early because I needed to rent gear! 

The view from our car!

Today was only my second time snowboarding….I’m not entirely in love with it, but we had a lot of fun today!

This is how I spend most of the day! Almost every body part it hurting now. But I burned almost 3000 calories today! I think I’ll have to try one more time before I decided if I love it or hate it.

Overall one the best weekends we’ve had together!


2 thoughts on “Weekend Getaway

  1. towardshealthylife

    I use to ski and always thought snowboarding seems to be much more fun…I guess it is the part after you learn to actually stand on it lol. Now I feel to old to try ;-) Happy new year!

  2. mrsalexzan Post author

    I’m thinking about trying skiing, it seems like you have more control over your legs than you do snowboarding! I actually know how to go down but I dont know how to stop so I just make myself fall. lol. Which makes me too afraid to go fast, the fast you are doing the most it hurts when you land!

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