How Can This Be?

I’ve gained 3 pounds in the last three weeks. The Sunday before Christmas I weighed in at 214 and today I weigh 217 lbs. I just don’t understand! I haven’t had any soda or sugary drinks in over a week. Not even diet soda.

I’ve been mostly carb free, I’ve a few slip ups but they were mostly mistakes. Like I didn’t even realize there was some breading on the wings I had this weekend! Duh! But in my defense not all wings have breading!! Or added sugar in the cherries I had on my froyo… Uh hello, cherries are already sweet. I also had some fries but I knew those were cheating.

So now I’m starting my two weeks of Phase 1 of South Beach again. No combo diet like I thought before, just straight up following all the rules. Yesterday I bought the South Beach Diet Supercharged book on my Kindle so that I could always have access to all the info for this plan.

Even though it’s called a diet I really think this a fantastic eating plan especially for someone like me who has a higher risk of diabetes because it runs in my family.

Since reading the book I’ve learned a lot more of the why less carbs side of things, instead of just focusing on the results. For instance, when you eat high sugar fruit or cereal for breakfast it causes your insulin level to spike very quickly, prediabetic’s (type 2) insulin levels drop very rapidly as well instead of gradually decreasing. Well when your blood sugar level that low what do you do? You eat! That’s why diabetics are typically overweight… Their body is always looking to correct the blood sugar levels because we just continue to eat high sugar foods it can never level out.

*I’d like to point out that I am not a doctor, all I know about diabetes is from my own research.

Diabetes is a genetic disease although not always. My mother and my aunt are diabetic and at this point I have been told by a doctor, ok two. That I could become diabetic although I am currently very healthy regardless of being overweight.

Way off topic!

But the point of that was to explain that the concept behind phase 1 of south beach is to balance blood sugar levels. That is why you avoid all carbs and fruit for the first two weeks. During phase 2 you gradually introduce good carbs back into your diet like whole grains and lower sugary fruits such as berries. Eventually you’re eating 3 servings of whole grains and 3 servings of fruit.

Which is a sustainable diet or healthy eating plan! Phase 2 is just like ALL other diets… It consists of whole grains, lean protein, veggies, fruit, and healthy fats. Sounds familiar!

When I did south beach before I never did phase 2, I don’t think I realized that you eventually do add back all the good carbs.

So tomorrow (because in my frustration I chugged a coffee with sugar in it, didn’t make feel better) I’ll be starting over at day 1 making sure to follow the rules to a t. January 18th I will start phase 2 until I’m at my goal weight.

I’m going to be success story.


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