The Road Is Bumpy

I haven’t been posting the last few days because I feel guilty. I didn’t want to admit that I messed up. I started thinking about how much of a failure I am…..but then I realized. I’m NOT a failure. I’m girl that has struggled with my weight for years, even in high school I was a little thicker even though I was very fit. (thanks to years of basketball and track practice) I cannot let this bring me down! Yes I ate things I “shouldn’t” have, but its not the end of the world. I can do better. I can’t let my weight control every aspect of life. Yes, I need to lose weight but being overweight doesn’t make me a horrible person. I’m way too hard on myself most of the time.

This isn’t the end of the journey, its just a bump in the road. And there are going to be a ton of them along the way.

PS: I didn’t forget about my Project 52! I’ll post it tonight!


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