Lunch On The Go

What do you do when you already ate something you thought was healthy but turns out it wasn’t?

Today I worked 7:30-12 at one job and 1-6 pm at the other; with a half hour commute I had to get lunch on the go.

One of my favorite places to get a quick healthy meal is at Safeway. They have a hot soup section which usually is a good choice. Yesterday I got their Chunky Chicken Noodle, it was pretty good and only 160 calories for one serving. Way better than canned soup even though it has a few more calories.

Today I was feeling the soup and sandwich combo. I ordered a turkey and ham sandwich called the smoke stack… It has turkey, ham, cheese, lettuce and brown mustard. Sounds healthy right? Well I looked it up on myfitnesspal and it says 900 calories! Uh! WHAT!! I don’t understand. I can’t find any calorie counts from Safeway itself so I have to assume that it’s true. I’m just seriously shocked. And thankful that I only ate half of it! I also had a serving of their Stompin Steakhouse Chili which is 240 calories a serving. It was the best option of the four they had out today.


How do you recover when you’ve unknowingly ate way more calories than you should have? I still have room for dinner but it’s going to have to be small.

What are your favorite places to get a healthy meal on the go? I admit I love Subway, but I ate there almost everyday last week. Another one of my favs is Taco Del Mar but it’s slightly higher in calories than I’d like to admit.


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