Don’t Worry Be Happy

I love love loved that song as kid! I would always prance around the house singing it!

I’m just so glad that I didn’t worry about my weight being up yesterday. This morning when I weighed my self the scale said 213. That’s the lowest its been lately even though I’ve been all over the board in the last few weeks. Even as high as 218! Yikes! I’ll be losing more pound in no time.

I’ve started to notice that the key thing for me is to eat a smaller dinner. I have the digestive system of an 80-year-old lady not a soon to be 25 years young woman! Eating a smaller dinner helps me weigh less in the morning and reduces my heartburn.  Win-win!

I’m really excited that thing are falling in to place. Its goes to show how important it is to not give up after a little mishap! Today my plan is to take my puppy for a walk/jog after I take hubs lunch. Perfect plan for today!


6 thoughts on “Don’t Worry Be Happy

  1. kalima123

    Love the pill, love it, love it!! My trainer asked me once if I believed I could lose the weight and keep it off. I said I did, and he said, “well then, you will!”. It’s so much more attitude that keeps you going with the rest of it. Great post!

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