Week One Finished

This week I’ve done run/walks with Kia using the East into 5k iPhone app. I don’t know how to link to it on iTunes but here’s the website of the company that made it. It’s actually a really cool program. It tells you when you to walk and when to run. It also tells you when you’re halfway done! Which I totally love.

The only things I don’t love about this app is that at first pay $2.99 for the app itself and then you have to pay another $.99 to get the in app GPS. It not only tracks your route to tell you how far you go, it also know how fast you are going. I tried using another app that has the GPS already which works to keep track of your average speed. But if you use the GPS that comes with the Ease into 5k app, it will tell you your walking speed and running speed separately. Which I think is really important, so I caved and bought it. I just think it should be included in the original price. In the end, I’m pleased with the GPS I paid extra for.

I’ve gone at night but I had time this morning so I decided to just get it done. It was nice because I feel more comfortable expanding my route during the day, some streets around here are not lit up the best at night. I’ve never really felt afraid of going out alone at night but unfortunately my town does have a lot of gang action. I think I should carry one of my hubs small knives with me just in case. Too bad Kia isn’t an attack dog!


I’m really pleased with how the runs have gone. Today’s average pace was 2 minutes faster than yesterday, although there could be a little variation since I used two different GPS. But I did feel like I was running faster today than I did yesterday even though the mileage was the same.

Now I’m excited to start week two!


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