10 Ways to Drink Less Calories

I’m seriously addicted to coffee. It comes with the territory though. You see, my husband’s family owns an espresso stands… Where I work!  (And where my mom got her coffee when I was a kid, before I met Blake! Small world!) As long as I’m working I won’t be able to give up my coffee addiction and in the next 5 years we will probably own the stand ourselves so I figure I will be drinking coffee the rest of my life. Mochas and lattes have a bad rep of having tons and tons of calories, and most of them do.


I’m here to tell you that you don’t have give up your espresso stand stop to lose weight! I’ve got 10 Way to Reduce the Calories in Your Morning Coffee!

1. Try your drink sugar free! Almost every flavor out there comes in sugar free! Regular flavors are in average 70-90 calories for one ounce, but sugar free flavors are 0! Sugar free types chocolate are only 25 calories in a pump while the regular is double that. You can easily save 100 or more calories by switching to sugar free.

2. Order your drink as an Americano with cream. Americanos are made with water instead of milk with a splash of cream on top, it will taste exactly like one made with all milk. These are usually cheaper too!

3. Plain latte with sweetener! This is my favorite. I make myself a 24 oz plain non fat iced latte and add 2 packs of sweet n’low. It’s the perfect amount of sweetness and for only around 90 calories! Can’t beat that!

4. Ask for no milk. I would recommend buying a small one to taste this to see if you like it so you don’t waste your money. Milk helps to cut the bitterness of coffee but some people like it bitter. You can also try using half milk and half water. You will still save between 50-150 calories.

5. Get a short! An 8 oz cup is the perfect way to do portion control! You can order a decadent drink and. And not worry about going overboard.

6. Skip the mocha and order a latte. Latte flavors average 70-90 calories per ounce but chocolate is between 100-150 an ounce! There are even chocolate latte flavors available! Just ask your barista!

7. Pick iced over a hot drink! An iced drink has half the amount of milk that a hot one has. That equals half the amount of calories!

8. Try soy milk! Most (but not all) soy milks have fewer calories than non fat.

9. Use half the flavor and add a sweetener. I do this a lot! I like to add a tiny bit of flavor and use sweet n’low. You can still taste the flavor but it’s not adding a tons of extra useless calories.

10. Avoid anything blended! These have tons of added sugar. Avoid all breves! Which is made with half and half instead of milk! You can’t even imagine how many calories those can have. Whip cream can also add extra calories.

20120116-141815.jpg This is not healthy!

There are lots of way to continue to enjoy your morning coffee with out blowing your calorie allowance for the day! Feel free to experiment! 95% of your baristas will be happy to help you out!



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