A Rambling Update

I’ve been super bad at posting lately, because I have been working a lot more than usual. It’s a lot harder to make a good post from my iPhone than my laptop so I usually try to wait until I get home, then of course something comes up!

This week has been kind of crazy! Let’s start as far back as Thursday. Blake got an email from Groupon with a half off deal for snowboarding. It included rentals, a lesson, and lift ticket for only $44. Such a great deal considering just a lift ticket is $40. Blake already had a 3 day weekend so I rearranged my work schedule. Then my best friend called saying she was headed up from Oregon! She also had a long weekend, such good news.

So Friday after my hubs got off work we met up with my friend and her boyfriend for dinner at a place called Michael’s Market and Bistro for dinner. I personally love the food there, I got a delicious Caprese sandwich with the “house salad.” I figured it would be a green salad but nope, it was like a pasta salad. Luckily it was just a small portion. This place also makes fresh cupcakes. Like the kind on the Food Network, and they had just put out a fresh tray of Red Velvet with Buttercream. Naturally we had to try them! Blake and I shared one and our friends shared a Peanut Butter one. They were fantastic and worth the extra calories for sure. My only regret is not taking a picture!

The next day was snowboarding, which you already know I’m not a pro snowboarder. I was hoping that with a lesson things would be a lot easier and they would have been… But the rental place gave me the wrong bindings for my boots! So the whole day I kept coming out of the binding which makes things a lot harder! By like 50 times. After an hour of fighting with my bindings and being ignored by the instructor because I was slower… I gave up. I just didn’t have the strength to push my heals back into the bindings anymore. Usually they are strapped in really tight but since mine were the wrong ones it took a lot more effort on my part to control my board. I did learn a lot so next time it should be a lot easier. And I will make sure I have the right gear! I might even buy my own stuff now.

Later that day we had lunch a place in downtown Spokane called Rex’s Burgers and Brewhouse. (We had another half off Groupon) Although it’s a burger places it really wasn’t our style, but we are always up for trying something new. We followed it up with some froyo for the ride home.

I allowed myself to eat whatever I wanted. Which included: potato skins, a French dip, sweet potato fries, and frozen yogurt with toppings. I didn’t stress about my food or allow my self to feel guilty. I knew I had burned a ton of calories snowboarding, so I just let it be and it was nice! I was totally in control, I left fries on my plate because they were not made how I like them (soft not crispy). In the past I would have ate them anyway.

That was Saturday and you know what happened on Sunday? I started right back where I was with tracking my food. What a relief! Far too often I’ve said ok I’m going to take one day off and then that one day turns into a week or month! But not this time. I have tracked everything I’ve eaten on the myfitnesspal iPhone app every day. I’m proud of myself for that!

The one thing I haven’t done is week 2 of my Ease into 5k app running/walking program. That’s because I’ve been working extra hours so I’ve been crunched for time. I planned on doing it yesterday, then it snowed 8 inches! I have a treadmill but it’s not very sturdy so I can’t run on it. I do plan on doing some walking on it tonight though. I also picked up a new weight loss yoga DVD so I will still be able to get some workouts in, even with this crazy snowstorm! Heck, I even recorded shoveling our driveway as a workout!

Things have been going really great and I’m so proud of the hard work I’ve
been doing. Seriously that’s the key to weight loss! And you know what… I’m down 2.8 lbs since last Thursday! I weighed 214.0 this morning! Oh yah!