Bed Suspenders

Project 52: Bed Suspenders

I can’t believe I’m writing my project 52 weeks 2 post late! I actually forgot about it.

I knew exactly what I was going to make too! Bed Suspenders! That might not be the real name but that s what I’ve always called them since I was a kid.

The sheets always come off our bed, it’s so annoying! I have no idea how it happens but I knew how to fix it. My mom always put bed suspenders on our beds. So I made some and it took all of 3 minutes!

Here’s what you need…
4 clips like found on suspenders. I found them with the buttons at Walmart for $2.24 for a pack of two.
1 inch wide elastic, long enough to go almost all the way across the bed twice. Only $1.32 at Walmart and I have some extra.
And a sewing machine


Now just measure about how long you want each piece of elastic. It should go from one side of the sheet to the other but it needs to pull a little. I just guesses and it worked out prefect. But you could use a measuring tape if you prefer.

Just slip the opening of the clip through the elastic, fold over and sew across a few times to make sure the seam is sturdy. Do this to both ends, to both pieces. Like this!

And ta-da! They hold the sheets on! It worked last night.


This was so quick and easy! It took about 3 minutes and 5 bucks!