The Pounds Are Falling Off

This morning I weighed myself even though my official weigh day is Thursday. I’m so glad I checked this morning though because I was down another 2lbs! Now I know I didn’t burn two pounds worth of calories yesterday but I was feeling bloated. I’m feeling totally inspired by the lower number.

It’s also nice to know that even when I eat a little more than I should everything thing will be ok. (As long as its not everyday of course) Let me explain… Last night I made pulled pork in my crockpot served in a tortilla with cole slaw. One of my favorite meals ever thanks to my mother in law! She makes a mean pork butt! All day long I planned on eating just one “taco” but when dinner rolled around I was so hungry I made myself two. Problem is that I didn’t have enough calories left for two….. Let alone 3! Which is how many I ended up eating. They were just way too delicious, to be honest I didn’t want to stop at three.

They come in at about 250 calories each. I never felt stuffed or like I ate too much, I was just hungry. Next time I will be sure to save myself extra calories.

I’m really excited about the 4.8 lbs I’ve lost since last Thursday! Thanks to Blair over at Commit to be Fit I have been inspired to finally do a triathlon like I have been wanting to do for almost 4 years now! There is one in my town on June 9th. Which is only 141 days away! I’ve decided to use that date as my timeline for a major weight loss goal too. By June 9th I will weigh 175 lbs! That’s a weight loss of 1.8 lbs a week from now until then.

I seriously get excited thinking about 175 lbs! I’m hoping that at 175 I will feel comfortable in a bikini so that I can wear one when we take a vacation this summer!