Swing Shift

This week my husband is going to be working the swing shift from 3 pm-12 or 2 am (sometimes we works 10 hour shifts). This means I will only see him from about 10-3 most days of the week. I have a very random schedule so sometimes that will change. As of right now it’s only for this week but it could be longer. Surprisingly, I’m actually kind of excited for it! We only see each other a few hours on the weekdays anyways so the hours are just going to be earlier in the day than we are used to.

I’ve always been more of an evening person but because he is home in the evening watching tv and being lazy I find it harder to be productive. I tend to be lazy during the day and get more stuff done in the evening. Now we will both be home being lazy at the same time, leaving me to get stuff done while he is at work!

The other nice part will be to eat dinner alone. It sounds funny, but he never wants to eat the healthy things that I want to eat so I can just fix dinner for me and not worry about what he wants. We will be eating lunch together but it’s easier to resist the unhealthy foods during lunch for some reason.

Of course it won’t be super easy, I tend to get something from fast food or Safeway when I’m not eating my meal with him. I’m confident I can avoid those places for a week especially if I’m prepared!

So now I’m going to come up with a plan and schedule to get me through this week with my goals in mind!


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