These Things Inspire

I found this quote in a magazine, it was a coffee ad but its been stuck in my head for days now.

I feel like I’ve been doing really great the last few weeks and even the little things have been inspiring me!

Things That Inspire Me:
-a loss of 4.8 lbs last week!
-making new food! I made sherbet last night, I’ll show you how later tonight!
-finding new workouts to try that actually look interesting! Check out this CrossFit workout from Self magazine
-going to a kickboxing class tonight for the first time
-ordering these new running shoes
-when my food log says I’ve logged for 5 days in a row! And that was 4 days ago….so now its been 9 days in a row!

After a few really good days more good days tend to follow! That’s what its all about, thats what leads to a loss week after week!