Good Effort

Officially I lost 1.6 lbs last week.

I’m happy with that even though that’s how much I weighed last Friday.

A loss is a loss right! I think this week has been going great, I’ve been keeping track of everything I eat annnnd I’ve been under 1600 calories everyday! I also started kickboxing this week, its an amazing workout! I always walk out of there looking like crap…so I know its working. This week was free, but I’m totally going to sign up it. I think I’ll do it for a few months until it warms up and the snow and ice melts. I’m sad that I had to put my 5k training hold because of like a foot of snow! But I figure kickboxing will help me get into shape so I can pick it up again when the weather warms up.

I also just found my hubs will be on swing shift next week….so now its time to plan another week of meals. I’ve found creative ideas on pintrest lately…what do you think? Looks delicious to me!!

Ginger Garlic Chicken
Cauliflower Sweet Potato Soup