The T-Zone

Have you heard of it? Its also known as the power plate, total body vibrations and probably a million other names….I’d called it “the jiggler.” Its a machine that you stand on, that vibrates side to side, which seriously shakes you up! No joke, I was laughing so much, the thing was shaking all my fat up. Good thing I wore a baggy shirt.

Supposedly it helps to tone and tighten your muscles…..however it does say that for weight loss you should combine it with some cardio. There are tons of other benefits like improve flexibility and joint motion, improve your circulation…and many other things. I’m skeptical. But my mom asked me to go, I love spending time with my mom outside of the house so I thought it would be great to do this together. Plus she paid! Its worth a try right? I’m sure it wont hurt me any.

They says its like a 1 hour total body workout in 10 minutes. Depending on how you stand it works different muscles groups. For example if you bend your knees slightly it works like a squat. I stood there one my toes for a few seconds and soon my calves were burning. My mom also told the guy that I am interested in doing a triathlon and he offered to show me some more intense moves next time. He claim that a his workout on the machine will be way more intense than a kickboxing class….so obviously I’ll have to test that out!

Here’s a video that shows some moves you can do to work your whole body. I’d highly suggest giving this a try, if anything its worth the good laugh caused by all your jiggly parts jiggling!