Mini Goal

I already told you about my main huge goal of reaching 175 by June 9th. Which by the way is only 133 days away now. Wow! It’s quickly approaching.

But it’s also important to have mini goals. Like a smaller step towards that main goal. It’s helps to keep you motivated and gives a sense of accomplishment.

My new mini goal is to need smaller sized jeans by February 14th. I have a coupon for 20% off my total purchase at Maurice’s that will expire that day. So it works out perfectly. And the ones I bought just a few weeks ago are already getting loose.

I know that if I stick to my new schedule of kickboxing three times a week, yoga nightly, and eating a healthy 1600 calories every night this goal is totally reachable. Maybe doing the T-Zone will help too!

I’ve actually been getting really excited about how well I’ve been doing. It really does take effort to do things “right.” Like tracking everything I eat, which I’ve done everyday for 15 days! Also I have to avoid things like chips and pizza daily because that’s the kind of things my husband eats. I’m not always perfect, last night I caved in and ate a cupcake (200 cals). The difference is before I would eat the cupcake and then a few more, and afterwards feel so guilty and miserable. Which just leads to a downward spiral of depression and hating myself. It’s not worth it. Last night I just ate it and moved on. No big deal and no hate.

The attitude adjustment makes all the difference. I don’t consider eating that cupcake to be a setback. It’s a fact of life really. There are cupcakes out there and I will occasionally eat one. And that’s that!

Now I’m trying to come up with a new mini goal for after I reach my smaller jeans!



3 thoughts on “Mini Goal

  1. kalima123

    You will eat that ______(cupcake-had one myself today) and that’s fine. You’re so right, you have to look at this as a complete lifestyle change and work out the kinks until it’s something you’ll be able to maintain. We’re in a very similar boat – I do “chunking” – same as your “mini goals”. You have new jeans, I’m 9 pounds away from very needed new sneakers. Which is a cool mini goal as well, especially with all your kickboxing. Or maybe some cool new yoga togs. A massage, nails done, facial, there are so many terrific non-food rewards. But you’re doing terrific – you’ve got tons of support!!

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