My confidence has soaring lately.

For the first time in a long time I saw myself in the mirror today and didn’t hate everything I saw. Thats a huge improvement for me. I don’t see a ton of changes physically but emotionally and mentally things are definitely changing. I’m feeling like I can totally do this, I can lose weight, I will reach my goal weight. Nothing is stopping me.

I even got a compliment today! One of my customers that I see almost everyday and also know outside of work asked if I have been losing weight! And then said it looks good on me! I was grinning for several hours after that. Most of the reasons why I want to lose weight are completely about me! I’m the one that has the negative thoughts about me, I’m the one that’s not happy with the way I am. BUT it is kind of nice to have someone else notice and say good job!



2 thoughts on “Confidence

  1. towardshealthylife

    I like the way you decribed that, I had that same moment not long ago where I couldn’t say for sure that my body as changed but I like it better and felt good about losing weight so you are right it must change our mind too :-)

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