My Brain Forgot

Yesterday I weighed in at 210.6, that’s 1.8 lbs lighter than I was last week. But I wasn’t happy with it. I tried really hard to be, I only need to lose 2 lbs a week to be at my goal in June so I wasn’t far off. It just didn’t feel like enough!

According to my BodyBugg I have been burning more than 3000 calories a day. And I’m only eating 1600. The math just doesn’t add up! It’s very frustrating. Mostly because I should be happy with losing 1.8 lbs.

It’s so hard because I feel like I should be losing weight faster! I’m ready to be thin!

I know it takes time but I think a little part of my brain forgot. And then that little part convinced the rest of my brain that it wasn’t enough.

But no more!! 1.8 lbs is great number for last week! I’m giving myself the official pat on the back! No more focusing on what I didn’t do…. Now I’m focusing on next week!



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