Can I Lose 3lbs This Week?

I’m trying really hard to lose 3 pounds this week. They say it’s best to lose like 2 a week but I’ve also read that if you are losing weight the healthy way then it’s fine to lose a little more. Here’s an article from WebMD that says its just fine.

I’m not planning on doing anything extreme, I’m just going to try harder! Sometimes I tell myself “no dessert tonight” but end up eating it anyway because I still have the calories left in my budget.

I’ve already lost 1 pound so far this week, so I’ve only got 2 to go. My plan is to limit my calories to 1400 from my usual 1600 until Thursday (weigh in day). I’m also going to start my jogging back up this week since the weather has warmed up and there is no ice. On Wednesday I will do a workout video at home because there is no kickboxing. I actually have a kickboxing DVD which would burn a lot of calories, I just need to find it! I’ve also been burning some extra calories by dancing to the radio!

According my running app I burn about 250 calories on each jog. I could up that by going a little bit faster. And I can wear my bodybugg to make sure that is accurate.

With the extra calorie burn and a little more limited diet, I can totally do this! And I will. Today I was 209 so Thursday I will be 207! Can’t wait!



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