Becoming A Runner Again

I used to be a runner. In fact I used to be a track “star”. I used to a long distance runner.

In high school I wanted run hurdles, but during the first track meet my friend convinced me to run the 2-mile with her. Turns out, I rocked at the 2-mile. I won nearly every race until I tore the ligaments in my knee early in the season. (At least until my Junior year, when I tried throwing the javelin because my boyfriend did…turns out I was really good at that too but thats a whole other story!)

I started on Week 2 of the Ease Into 5K app yesterday and I thought I did pretty good for not having ran in 3 weeks. But today I totally killed it! My average pace was 2 minutes faster than yesterday, and 4.5 minutes faster than the first time I ran! My running pace was under 10 minutes, YAY!

I went out there today with the intention of really going for it. When the app would tell me to run I ran…no joke.

Today’s run really made me feel like a runner again! Very liberating. I love feeling like a runner.

Now it’s time to do some yoga to stretch out!

Source: via Devri on Pinterest