Oh So Close

Remember how I wanted to lose 3 lbs this week? Well I lost 2.4! I’m so close to being at 207, today I weighed 208.2! Only .2 away from 207….ahhhh! So darn close. I’m pretty sure I will be there tomorrow, I’m usually lower on Fridays than Thursdays. I don’t mind because then I can count that weight loss towards the next week. You can see my weekly weight loss on my Weekly Weigh In page.

I’m NOT disappointed at all! 2.4 pounds is nothing to be complaining about, I worked really hard this week. I worked out everyday and I was right around 1400 calories everyday except Sunday because I was sick. Here’s what my workouts looked like so far.

Monday: kickboxing mostly abs and arms
Tuesday: Kickboxing and 30 mins jogging/walking
Wednesday:Kettlebell workout and 30 mins jogging/walking (worked hard!)

I really hope I can wear the size 10 jeans by next Tuesday! I’m really nervous about that…the last time I wore a size 10 I weighed right around 195 lbs…I’m still a ways off from that…but my 12 are already getting loose. So my fingers are crossed! I have two restaurant dinners planned between now and then. Tomorrow I have plans to have dinner with one of my best friends at a local Mexican place. Sunday Blake and I are going shopping and out to dinner at either Applebee’s or Red Robin! Luckily I can look up healthy options for both of those places before we go.

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