Slowly But Surely


I finally made it to 207 this morning! Even after my little indulgence last night, which good news. It’s nice reminder that it’s ok to have something decadent on occasion… It the everyday treats that add on the pounds.

I have to admit that I have been feeling a little bit bummed when I start to think about how far I have to go. I still have 32.6 lbs go! That’s a lot, but its less than the 41 had to lose at the start of this year. And I only have 119 days left until its my goal deadline. Its seriously overwhelming.

I’m finding it very hard to picture me succeeding lately. I say things like “when I’m skinny” or “after I lose all this weight” to my husband but I don’t quite believe it will happen myself. I think or rather hope that when I’m in the 190’s I will be able to picture it better. That’s the lowest I’ve weighed as an adult so I think that anything under that feels kind of unattainable right now. I’ll get there one day and one pound at a time.

Luckily I have several things to look forward to when I finally arrive at my goal! I will be competing in my first ever triathlon! I will get to cross several things off my 2012 bucket list! Plus my husband and I decided that I can go on a shopping spree! Hello beautiful, new, smaller clothes! Plus there is the huge sense of accomplishment and pride I will have. That’s worth more than all the new clothes I will get.

Even though it’s hard to imagine I can’t wait for June 9th, 2012!



3 thoughts on “Slowly But Surely

  1. Katie

    Dude, I’m so proud of you! You are doing amazing. Love you do much, keep it up you know that you can totally do this and when you don’t remember I can remind you.

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