Tough Night

Last night was a tough one. I originally planned a girls night out with one of my best friends at a Mexican place. I knew exactly what I was going to order, how many chips I could have…but plans changed we ended up doing a bowling night with her family (husband and 2 little girls) and us. It was a lot of fun but a lot harder to find something healthy on their menu that sounded appetizing.

I ended up getting a BLT on wheat with a little bit of guacamole and a side salad. But I also snacked on two mini corn dogs and 3 fries. Usually I’m pretty good about avoiding the things other are eating but I was really hungry last night. I try to eat every few hours but there was almost 9 hours between lunch and dinner! I had a really small snack but I was worried about eating to much before dinner. I didn’t want to end up at the bowling alley with no calories left for the day.

I thought about getting subway before we met up with them, and that’s what I should have done! Lesson learned!

I also indulged in a little bit of frozen yogurt from 31 Flavors. But you know what… Yesterday was the only day all week that I went over my calorie limit, and I’m still almost 1500 calories under my weekly calorie goal so I’m not worried about it. I do have good news… Stay tuned for the next post!

How do you avoid eating the junk everyone around you is eating?!



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