Fitness Shopping

Yesterday we spent the day shopping, it was awesome! I was on the hunt for new running shoes, but I’m never willing to spend too much. I found some really cool Reeboks! ($60) The “wave” in the sole is supposed to be really good for running because it transfers energy back up your leg. I don’t know about that….and I can’t find anything about them online either! Dang it! But they look cool and they are comfy!

I also picked up four new t-shirt, so I don’t have to wear my husbands extra large shirts that are so baggy I can fit two of me in them.
There were on sale only 6.25 each! Such a good deal. They will go great with these pants I got on clearance last week. ($13 for two pair)
Both my mom and mother in law rave about how slim these pants make me look! They are so comfy, I would wear them all day everyday. No Joke.
Add in this nice active jacket ($20) I picked up at Old Navy on sale! I’m going to working out in style! It even has these thumb holes which I think it so cool, I love to pull my sleeves down over my wrists, now they will stay in place!
So awesome! I’m totally in love with it! I also found a thick purple yoga mat ($13) for a great deal at TJMaxx…..favorite store ever! Every thing I got was at a great price and totally motivating me to get out there and kick some more workout butt! Not that I need to spend any more money but I’m now headed to Maurice’s to see if I finally can fit into the smaller size!