Owwww My Abs

My abs are killing me right now! I woke with them being sore this morning from doing an ab move at kickboxing on Tuesday.

It looked something like. It was tough and I only did 31 of them but man they worked my abs both the top and bottom. Today I did Jillian Michaels Shred With Weights which includes some ab work. In fact I finished the whole first level of this DVD. I’ve never done the whole thing before. Its only 25 minutes but its tough.

Then tonight at kickboxing we did more abs. Triple Whammy. My abs are s-o-r-e! Tomorrow is going to be tough….well unless as I don’t have to more, which is impossible since I’m working both my jobs. I’m going to be in pain but the good kind of pain. I love “I killed in my workout” pain!