Why I Decided Not To Be In A Funk

My weight today was exactly the same as last week on Thursday….208.2 lbs

At first I was pretty bummed but I’ve decided that there is no reason for that. And here’s why….

Due to crazy work schedules, my hubs and I decided to celebrate Valentines Day on Wednesday. Remember that delicious meal I had planned. I made everything on my menu and it turned out great well mostly. I’m planning on sharing the links and changes I made to the recipes but that will have to come later tonight. It turns out that I figured out the calorie counts wrong so I ended up eating more calories than I thought I would.

Well you know what, who cares? It made a great meal for my husband and I, and it was delicious. I’m not going to gain 10 pounds from eating one meal that was a little high in calories.

I know how to recover from eating a little more than planned so that what I’m going to do. I’m not to feel bad about the scale being a little higher today. I’m not going to let that number define me. Yes, its important but it doesn’t mean I’ve failed. It just means I have more work to do. So I’m not to going to be bummed but I am going to work hard.

There are few things that I know work well when comes to getting back on track and moving that needle in the right direction.

Lots and lots of water. I know for a fact I haven’t been drinking enough water. Lately I’ve had maybe 40 oz of water a day, I need more.

Extra Veggies. I’ll probably have a salad for lunch and an extra serving with dinner. Adds extra fiber and extra water.

Workout. Nothing can make you feel as a good as a good workout. Tonight I have kickboxing and as soon as I finish this post I’ll be heading out for my run followed by some ab work..

Lower calorie level. When I’m looking to lose weight a little bit faster I like to reduced my calories just a little. Only by about 200, so for the next few days I will try to eat only 1400 a day. I don’t like to go any lower than that because I usually burn 2800-3400 calories a day and I need my body to be able function properly. Thats why I say “try” to eat less, because if I am really hungry and feel like I need the fuel, I will eat more.

So now that I’m all hyped up, motivated, and ready to work hard and see some excellent results next week.


4 thoughts on “Why I Decided Not To Be In A Funk

  1. Mike Barratt

    I like how you’ve taken a small setback and used it to refocus and attack with more determination. I have to remind myself it’s not about winning the battle butt rather the war. There are times when I slip up with eating. What’s important is to not give up and eat more healthy meals than unhealthy ones. Thanks for sharing and good luck!

  2. DrinkWaterEatOatmeal

    You’re totally right in this post. You’re going to have to allow yourself to have special indulgences here and there and be ok with it. And like you said, one meal is not going to make you gain ten lbs! Falling completely off and resorting back to a daily unhealthy lifestyle will, and good for you for making a fantastic choice in deciding to persevere on!!

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