What’s in the top of your list? What always comes first no matter what?

My number one priority is starting to change. Part of it is that my excuses are starting to become invalid.

I used to think that I couldn’t work out because the house was a mess. Surprisingly, nothing horrible happens if I wait an hour or another day to clean up. Sure we might run out of clean socks but with the amount of socks we have that’s unlikely.

I’ve also began to do things even though it cuts into my time with Blake. We even rearranged Valentines Day because I didn’t want to miss a kickboxing class. Thats huge. I didn’t even see Blake yesterday because he went to work before I got up and went to bed before I got home from kickboxing.

The thing is to meet my goal I have to put me first a lot of the time. It might be selfish but of that’s what it takes to make me happy I think it’s important. It’s also important that he understands that, and he does. He supports me 100%. He’s never said he thought I should lose weight, in fact he says he loves me just how I am. But he knows how I feel about myself and is there by my side. In the end I think it will make our bond that much stronger because I know he’s got my back.

Oops got a little off topic. Anyways. We see things all the time where people put other things first besides their health. A man who puts his job first or a mom that puts her kids first. I feel very lucky that I’m not in a situation where I would have to feel bad about putting me first. I don’t think I could succeed in losing weight otherwise.

To those who can’t change their priorities but are still able to do this- I am in awe. Well done.



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