Better Than Yesterday

Yesterday was a terrible day.

My boss asked me to open the shop, we open at 5:45 am and her daughter was supposed to come in at 7:30 to help me with rush, what I usually do. After about 45 minutes I realized she wasn’t coming but I did expect her at 9:30 which is her usual shift. That didn’t happen either. Eventually she said she’d be there by 10 but no. As the minutes ticked by and by I got more and more mad. She finally arrived at 11:40, leaving me less than an hour before I had to leave for my second job.

So frustrating!

My typical 7 hour day turned into a 10 hour day. My back was aching and abs were extremely sore. I didn’t get much sleep and ended up being so hungry by the time lunch rolled around. I was absolutely the crankiest person ever.

Blake and I had planned on going out for dinner and movie but by the time I got home we were both so tired and exhausted, we ordered pizza and stayed in. I got the artisan veggie pizza from Dominos with thin crust and light cheese. Not too bad. I also ate a few parmesan bread bite…those…not such a good idea, but I didnt go overboard. Overall I was over my calorie limit a little bit but life goes on.

Today was a much better day.

We decided to go out to breakfast. I ordered 2 eggs, bacon, hash browns, and an english muffin. It was satisfying and not a million calories. For lunch I had a pear and some rice noodle soup. Then dinner was a veggie sub with apple slices. And my snack was a sugar free soy latte and York patty. I ended the day at 1441 calories!

I wasn’t cranky or tired. My back doesn’t ache and my abs are comfortable sore. Thank goodness. And I ended the day with a 30 minute workout. Such an improvement from yesterday.


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