The Little Things

Its how funny how small things can be so disappointing.

I should be at kickboxing right now, but apparently there is no class tonight. I’m not sure if its because of President’s Day or what…but I’m really upset. I would really have appreciated an announcement to be made last week or maybe something posted on the door. With all do respect to our former Presidents, the gym should still be open today! Even my bank was open today.

To add insult to injury, I thought  I might rent a Zumba game for the kinect to see if I like it before buying one…but I guess not. We have two video stores in town and neither one of them have a Zumba game.

I’m almost in tears over all this.

Its not even that big of deal. I think its just another layer on top of the pile of crap weighing me down. My coworker was late again today by 4.5 hours. My house is still a mess because things never work out how I plan them. And I’m still weighing in at 207. And now I’m not getting a good workout tonight. Its raining so I can’t go for a run and my husband is playing video games so I can’t use the TV or living room.

But thanks to a lovely suggestion by my best friend, I’m going to put on my iPod and dance around like a dork. At least I’ll burn a few extra calories.


2 thoughts on “The Little Things

  1. towardshealthylife

    Dancing is a great idea! I know how you feel, sometimes the smallest detail can wrek my day too…for you it was more than details..I hope that things will be better at work and that you will have a better day tomorrow :-)

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