A Few Good Points

Well things are starting to look up today. I had a few bad day (yesterday and last Friday) and I’m trying so hard not to let things get to me. Luckily things are on my side today and I have a few fun little facts to share.

-This morning the scale finally moved in the right direction! 206.2 I’m really hoping to see 205 soon!

-I finally got rid of plastic tupperware and got glass! I’ve been waiting to do this forever! I found a great deal at Big Lots and thanks to a gift card from Grandma, I was able to pick them up with out spending a cent!

-Its my little Sister’s Birthday! I miss her so much. I haven’t seen her since Christmas.

-I found a really great website called eatbetteramerica.com It has tons of healthy recipes even ones that my super picky punk husband will eat! Last night we tried the Spicy Citrus Chicken. It was pretty darn good! It was nice to have a new flavor for chicken. I served it with a rice and quinao medley, and steam cauliflower for me. I also made these Wonton dessert cups! Yum Yum Yum. I might have cooked them a little too long because they were super crunchy but they were still so good! I’ve picked out meals for 7 day and I plan on eating the leftovers for lunch.

– I had the best breakfast this morning. Yoplait Triple Berry Torte yogurt (100 calories), 1/4 c. Erin Baker’s peanut butter granola (100 calories), toped with half a diced apple and 3 extra large strawberries (55 calories). So delicious and filling!


-My mom bought me lunch at Incas Mexican Restaurant. I was nervous about finding something healthy. I ordered the Californian Chicken Burrito. It was a chicken burrito with tomatoes, onion, and lettuce piled on top. I only ate half of it and some beans. I hope it was ok, I’m pretty sure it was. I’m still full so I figure I can skip my snack today.

As long as there is kickboxing tonight everything should be fine. I’m hoping Blake will want to go for a jog tonight, he’s been talking about needed to jog. So we will see. I know Kia will be up for it.


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