It’s Windy

With a capital W!

Right now there is a windy advisory in effect until this evening. Winds at 20-30 miles an hour and gusts up to 50. The weather has been really funny lately. Here are two pictures of the sky from my run. They were taken at the same exact time all I did was turn around.



But I didn’t let that stop me from going for a run! It was tough that’s for sure, and I was really working hard. I thought my stats would be awful but they actually weren’t bad. My pace was one minute faster than last time. However I don’t know if that really counts or not because the app crashed about 6-8 minutes in. So the number could be a little off.

I’m just impressed I did that well considering I haven’t gone for a run for 2 weeks. Pretty much every time I think about running its raining or snowing. I’m just not a fan of running in that kind of weather. I know if I went for a run and came up soaked I probably wouldn’t go back out for a long time. Instead, I’ve been doing workout DVDs at home. I think the combination of that and kickboxing is really helping me get in shape so running is a lot easier even though in not doing it every day.

With that in mind it’s really important I pick up my running because it’s time to get really focused on triathlon training. I need to find or make a plan for that soon.

I took a picture today before I headed out. I’m really starting to see results. I love it!



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