It’s Weigh In Day

Hello Thursday!

It’s nice wake up on a Thursday and be excited to weigh in. I usually have a good idea of what the scale say because I’m kind of obsessive about weighing myself.

Not in a bad way though. I just like to see the way things change. Like with clothes on, shoes on, after I eat or um use the bathroom.

I’m just curious. I do not let those random times control my life. The only one care about is Thursday. As long as my weight is down on Thursdays I am happy. And if it’s not like last week, I just work harder. Of course sometimes I get discouraged. But I try to remember that it’s not necessarily about weight loss, it’s about being healthy. The weight will come off as long as being healthy is my number priority.

To help keep me motivated I always record my weight on myfitnesspal if it’s lower than the last time no matter what day of the week is. I really like to see that graph pointing down. It shows me that I am succeeding. Hard work really does pay off!


That flat line at the beginning is from months of not using the app. I didn’t know how to start over! I just look at that line dropping feel like I’m winning! I know 11 lbs isn’t a ton of weight but its great start. I’m really proud of those 11 pounds! But I’m really looking forward to losing more!


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