5 Things That Help Me Stay Motivated

1. Charts and Graphs!

Remember I showed you this graph from the other day?

Its from the myfitnesspal iPhone app that I use everyday. I recorded my weight every time it is lower than the last time I recorded it. At first I recorded it everyday but seeing that downward trend on this graph really encourages me to keep going. I’m always hoping to record a new lower weight. There are also some other charts on that app. I like looking at them and seeing my information in bunch of different charts.

This shows the breakdown of what I ate. I don’t actually use the information for anything but I like to compare days and see how things breakdown.

This one shows me the week at a glance. It shows how close to my goal I was each day. You can see how I go over some days and sometimes I’m under. I like to see how I’ve been doing week by week. It really helps me to see the bigger picture. This actually isn’t the real results because I lowered my daily calories limit to 1400 last week and this graph is showing that change even thought I was still eating 1600 calories that week.

2. My Phone! 

My screen’s background is motivational, same thing with my lock screen. Many of the inspirational pictures I post in my blog end up on my phone screen too.

I always keep these fresh. I change them out every few days. I’ve used a ton of different pictures. I love my current lock screen because it makes me feel strong.

3. Pinterest!

This has to go along with the last one. I find almost all of those picture on Pinterest. I can spend hours looking up fitness and health images and links on there. And I’ve use that to find a bunch of health and weight loss websites and blogs.

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4. Calling Myself Skinny!

Ok, ok. I’m really sure that sounds weird and kind of neurotic. But hear me out. I give myself compliments. When I look in the mirror, I say to myself “looking good.” I say strange things out loud, like “I’m getting skinny”. It works because its helping me to believe in me. If I think I can be thin, I will be thin. If I think I can faster, I can run faster. Its all about believing in yourself, and if being weird and slightly shallow helps…then so be it.

5. Numbers!

I’m talking about the numbers every where. The ones on the scale, the one on the tag of my jeans. The one from running app that show my pace. The numbers of calories I’ve burned in a day according to my bodybugg. I love seeing the numbers. I love comparing them to yesterday and last week or even last month. It just fascinates me. But then again numbers have always been interesting to me.


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