I’m Sick

And unfortunately having a hard time making healthy decisions.

I don’t really know why. I’ve basically had 2 1/2 days of eating crap.

Friday I had Subway for breakfast and lunch, I saved a lot of calories because Blake and I planned on going to place called The BBQ Depot. You can tell just by the name…not too many healthy options there. Well of course plans change and we ended up going over to our friends house to play Monopoly. Where we ate pizza, bacon wrapped water chestnuts, and brownies with ice cream. YIKES! I ate way too much. I let too many hours go between lunch and dinner, that by the time dinner showed up I went overboard!

Then Saturday we left home early to back to our friends house so that Blake could help them with some car work. We stopped at McDonalds for breakfast, where I had the Oatmeal and a sugar free fat free vanilla latte. For lunch, I had some tomato soup, pita chips, and spreadable cheese. So far so good. Then we decided to stay in town to see a friends band play so we had a dinner at the local Mexican restaurant. I wanted to get something healthy, so I ordered a steak fajita salad and single flour tortilla. The dang waiter brought two tortillas. And I ended up eating both of them, which is why I only asked for one! I didn’t eat all of my salad. It was good, but I just wasn’t feeling it. We finished off dinner with ice cream….I had a small chocolate dipped cone. Not the worst day ever but clearly not the best.

Sunday. Now Sunday was the worst day of eating. Since I rarely have days off Blake and I agreed we would do nothing! Just relax  and enjoy our day. So we didn’t cook either. We had breakfast at Shari’s, I had ended up forgetting my phone at home so I couldn’t look up any of the calorie counts. I ordered the Eggs Benedict with Hash Browns, which ended up being 810 calories. We also took home a cherry pie! Ugh. Most of my time at home was spent in bed. I did have have chicken teriyaki and rice for dinner, and more pie that I care to discuss. So frustrating!

Its like I undid a whole week of good work in just one weekend.

Today I am more sick than any other day, I even stayed home from work. I’m not allowing myself to eat crap. Its not going to make me feel better. I slept 12 hours and woke up around lunchtime. So far I’ve has a grilled cheese, tomato soup, and chia tea.

I’m trying to get stuff done around the house like dishes and laundry but I’m mostly just laying around. But thats ok. Its better to get better than to have a clean house.


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