Always Optimistic

Days like today make losing weight easy.

I had a healthy breakfast; triple chocolate chunk muffin and a blueberry pineapple soy smoothie. 240 calories.

While working I had a sugar free soy Irish cream latte with a little bit of light whip cream. 100 calories.

I worked for 2.5 hours, then got home and wrote my blog about triathlon training.

Had a snack: 1 pouch of light tuna, little bit of mayo, one slice of bread. 310 calories.

Then I went for a run! The best run I’ve had yet. My run pace was 9:14! That’s amazing! And check out this view…


There is a park basically right across the lake from our house. This is the park that the triathlon will actually be held at. In fact this is the lake I will have to swim in! Luckily there is an activity trail that leads to the park and it’s only about 1.2 miles there from our house. Which is a perfect distance, we usually run there and then turn around and head back.

I also had a new playlist today! It was perfect.

For lunch I had mondito baja bowl from Taco Del Mar. It’s like the burrito minus the tortilla which saves almost 200 calories. I had the chicken minus cheese, add guac, and lots and lots of pico de gallo! 260 calories.

Now I’m at my second job and I have a snack planned. An apple and vanilla yogurt, but I might save the yogurt to have as dessert later. Total calories for snack: 180

We also got sugar free lime flavoring in today! I like to add a splash of sugar free flavors to my water… Of course lime is the best!

I haven’t planned dinner yet, but I have a few recipes that I’ve been wanting to try and they are all under 300 calories for a serving.

That puts me right at the perfect number of calories for the day.

I need a perfect day because today was weigh in day. I weigh the exact same as last week. 206!

I deserve that number too! Not that I see it as punishment. Just that the scale doesn’t lie. I only had 3 days of good eating this past week. I won’t be able to make my goal if I only eat well 3 days a week.

I’n not the type of person to just sit and feel bad about what I didn’t do. I can’t change what happened. All I CAN do is… DO BETTER.

So that’s what I’m doing.


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